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  • Avro Bangla Keyboard 2018 Latest Version Download for Windows

    Avro Bangla Keyboard 2018 Latest Version for Windows 2000, Xp, 2003, 7, 8, 8.1 (both 32bit and 64bit editions). Avro Keyboard is a Bangla keyboard that helps you to type Bangla Word.Avro for windows program is designed by Mehdi Hasan Khan.It has the opportunity to write Bangla using unicode and the unique feature of this software is that Bangla can be written in phonetic method.

    Avro Bangla Typing Program Features:

    Phonetic Typing:
    • English to Bangla Phonetic Typing
    • Easiest Transliteration scheme
    • Floating Preview Window
    • Dictionary Support

    Touch Typing:
    • Traditional Keyboard Layout Based Typing
    • Multiple Keyboard Layout Support
    • Automatic Vowel Forming
    • Old Style “Reph”
    • Assamese Language Support

    Mouse Based Typing:
    • Easy Mouse Based Bangla Typing
    • Assamese Language Support

    Other Features:
    • Bangla Spell Checker
    • Both Unicode and ANSI typing support!
    • Totally Customizable
    • Input Language/Input Locale support:
    • Type anywhere
    • Flexible Interface
    • Two User Interface Modes
    • Customizable Mode Switching (Single key/Key combination)
    • Automatic Keyboard mode and Input Language Tracking
    • Layout Viewer
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