Ridmik Keyboard Android Bangla Keyboard Apk Download Latest Version

Ridmik keyboard is an easy-to-use Android Bangla Keyboard app that gives you the opportunity to type text messages and emails in your smartphone with

Ridmik keyboard is an easy-to-use Android Bangla Keyboard app that gives you the opportunity to type text messages and emails in your smartphone with the perfect advantage. The most striking feature of this keyboard application is to start off by giving instructions on how to set up the app as soon as it tap on your icon.You can easily type Bangla with “Ridmik Keyboard” by phonetic method.The instructions are clear and specific and help to make a great deal of help for setting up the application. If you follow the instructions only, you will be able to work within a few seconds. This application is very user-friendly and easy to use for one and all. Recommended instructions related to the selection of the red keyboard as your default keyboard keyboard. Once done, your keyboard’s default keyboard will be Ridmik.

Ridmik Keyboard (Bengali)

After selecting it as your default keyboard for your smartphone, there is a simple enough exercise to type text messages using a ridmik keyboard (Bengali). You have to type a letter in English and the app will automatically translate it into Bengali. If you want to insert typing speed, you can use these suggested word suggestions that are provided by this keyboard keyboard application. The blue font color is displayed on top of the keyboard. In this way you will not have to type the whole word and you will be able to type text messages much faster.

Ridmik keyboard (Bengali) provides users with a practice area where they can practice writing Bangla words using phonetic. This feature of this Bangla Keyboard application is especially useful for those who want to learn Bengali language. This is a simple layout and you can learn how to make simple words in Bangla using phonetic letters.

In order to provide more help to users of this application for learning Bangla, Ridmik Keyboard (Bangla) also provides a helpful tutorial feature. This tutorial is provided to people who are not separate from the tongue in Bengali, a part of this language that can be read about different phonetic characters. In this section of the Bengali keyboard application, almost all of Bangla Phonetic Characters are very easy to explain. You can open this tutorial by tapping on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the screen of the home screen.

Features of Ridmik Bangla Keyboard

1. Bangla phonetic keyboard (like your favourite Avro keyboard)
2. National & Probat layout
3. External keyboard support (only Phonetic & English, use F12 to switch)
4. Bangla English word prediction/suggestion for faster writing
5. 9 themes including Lolipop theme.

There is also a very impressive settings with ridmik keyboard (Bangla). A very customizable Bengali keyboard application, Ridmik Keyboard (Bangla) provides you with many options to personalize the app according to your taste and preference. For example, if you are not happy with the theme of the keyboard, there are plenty of themes available to choose from from the theme part of the settings menu. Just choose one of them from the keyboard theme options available in the Settings section. You can open the settings menu using the same drop-down menu that you used to open the tutorial section.

1. Download & install
2. Go to Settings > Language & input
3. Enable Ridmik Keyboard (tick the box just beside ‘Ridmik Keyboard’
4. Then open any typing field (can be new message, search box).
5. Drag the notification bar down & click on “Select Input Method”
6. Select Ridmik Keyboard from the displayed list.
7. Enjoy! No more steps!

Name: Ridmik Android Bangla Keyboard
Version: v4.2.1 (Latest)
License: Free
Publisher: Ridmik Lab
Main Category: Android / Productivity
OS: Android
Bit Support: 2.2 Up
Windows: Download / Mirror 2.73MB
Uploaded: Extranal